Ailbhe (ailbhe) wrote in noschooling,

OMG it works

After doubt - particularly because my daughter is about to be Of Compulsory School Age, which by law means she must be receiving Full Time Education, however the heck that is defined - as I say, after doubt, and worry, she has finally shown the interest her peers were strongly encouraged (and some nagged, some bullied, some merely required) to show in writing.

It's not much, but it's a start. She chose of her own free will to learn to write her friend's name and her own name today, and she did it, and then she went away and practised on her own. Now I can stay confident as the September round of "But why isn't she in school?" questions comes up.

I would have stayed firm even if she hadn't, but I wanted somewhere to acknowledge that it's much more convenient that she has.

(She was 4 in April. I find it bizarre that I'm anxious about whether or not she is getting rudimentary literacy at this age).
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